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N9020A MXA RF Alignment Failure

Question asked by S.Reeves on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by jlubecky

I have an Agilent N9020A MXA that has developed an error of "*RF Alignment Failure*", and the status shows "*Align Now, All required*". Occasionally it will show LO Unlock errors.

*Is there a list of what the steps are that alignment consists, as it progresses through step X of 22* (depending on the type of alignment selected (All, All but RF or RF) ?  I'm just curious about this process. Measurements still look normal, amplitude, frequency, bandwidths, frequency response to 3.6 GHz and noise levels.

The only thing I see not so good, are the noise sidebands, which fail at the _10 kHz and 100 kHz offsets_. The 1 MHz and 100 Hz offsets pass - but just barely. This unit is used in an ATE, so the error messages halt the testing. The unit will need to go in for repair, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the problem. It seems maybe(?) an issue with LO noise or power supplies.


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