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SolvedOne question about PXA N9030A (IP3 related)

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by wangyiliu99
Hi, all

I am now using the PXA N9030A to do IP3 measurement. (combined with two SGs, power combiner, attenuator,etc)

Before measuring my DUT, I adjust the input attenuator of N9030A (mechanical attenuator). IMD signal level should be decreasing, noise level should be increasing, with the increase of input attenuator. However, my result is like the following:

input ATT(dB)   IMD lvl (dBm)
0     121.7
2     124.4
4     130.4
6     128.4
8     126.1
10     135.3
12     140
14     134.4
16     126.6
18     126.9
20     126.7

At the same time, when do the same measurement using the old model PSA E4440A, IMD and noise floor do increase and decrease with input ATT being increased.

both analyzers are in
measuring frequency is around 400MHz.

Any comments are welcome.  Thank you very much!


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