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SMA vs 3.5mm E5071C calibration

Question asked by noelgl.cuu on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by ChengNing
i just have one doubt about using connectors,

Does it affects in the calibration process if the Ecal and the cables(male SMA) are mated with a 3.5mm(F)-SMA(F) adapter between them?

Is there any N4433A Ecal with Female SMA Connector?

Whats the most reliable configuration for this process?

my configuration would be:

E5071C (3.5mm MALE) -> 3.5mm (F) to SMA (F) adapter -> 18GHz SMA(M)-SMA(M) cable -> Then the ECal with SMA F Connectors

Is this configuration going to work?

Thank you for your answers


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