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About TRL calibration step

Question asked by on Sep 8, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by Dr_joel
I am currently trying to use PNA N5225A(4-port) to do a TRL cal. Also, I have constructed a PCB with a TRL calibration (THRU, OPEN, LINE and LOAD). This TRL calibration kit is customed for SMA connector and Probe. The calibration condition port1 & port3 use SMA connector, and port2 & port4 use  probe (no gender). 

I follow the step described in the "pnahelp", I have LINE, THRU, OPEN standard for "SMA-SMA", "SMA-probe", "probe-probe" connector type.
And I execute the Cal. Wizard (Smart Guided), the step in TRL CAL has "SMA(OPEN,LOAD)", "probe(OPEN,LOAD)", "SMA-probe (THRU, LINE)", "SMA-SMA(THRU, LINE)", but I CAN'T find the "probe-probe(THRU, LINE)" in calibration step.

It only shows "Port2|Port4"(probe-probe) but doesn't show THRU & LINE.

Can anyone tell me which part I did wrongly here?

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