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Bug in front panel logging operation of 53230A?

Question asked by magmageo on Sep 8, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by jdwindrvr
Over the course of a couple of days of trial and error I found that logging a series of frequency measurements from the front panel failed when the frequency option was set to CONT (worked fine with AUTO and REC). Regardless of the setting of the gate, the logging would proceed, save 999 correct values, then rapidly fill the remainder of requested number of measurements with values of 9.91E+37.

The counter originally had firmware revision 1.10, but the behavior was unchanged with updating to 1.12.

The same issue did not occur using remote SCPI commands via Agilent Interactive IO. Using that method, the logging worked properly.

Any suggestions, or should I simply report this as a bug? The ability to log large amounts of gap-free frequency data using only the counter and a USB key is a valuable feature of the instrument when working away from the office/lab. Not having this work is a disappointment.