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Analysis Main window from Cadence ADE

Question asked by r2c on Sep 7, 2013
I am setting up GoldenGate simulator, and going to start it from ADE. When I launch ADE, and go to Analysis->Choose, I see analysis setup window for GoldenGate simulator. But there I notice a note on GUI saying: "Warning! This GUI is no longer supported! Please use 'Analysis->Choose' instead."

But the thing is, that is exactly how I launched it! Why is it like that then?

I looked at the help of GoldenGate for Simulation, and there I noticed different window type. 

I am attaching screenshots of both window types, one from my launch with GUI warning and another is from the GG Help Manual.

*Anyone knows why I am still getting that window with warning, even though I am launching it as instructed?*