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"No Layer found" After failed Gerber file import

Question asked by johnlack on Sep 6, 2013
Dear all,
    Sorry for the following Charles-Dikens-like story, but I'm on my first experience, and want to give you all the information about a problem which I can't solve.
     I have ADS2009 in the computer I'm working with. I need to create the artworks of some devices to mount in my PCB, and for this reason I've been downloading and importing the gerber files. After successfully importing the layout of two components (and modifying some of their polygons), I've noted that the layer display has changed a little bit: cond, cond2, diel and hole were not present anymore, and in their place there were layers called 1,2,3,4,5; I don't think that this may be a big problem, since it can be solved by changing the default values in the "MSub" menu (for example "cond=1", hole=3", etc.). If you know how I can resume these old layers, I 'll be happy, but it's not that important (I think).
But the real problem arised when I tried to import the third component; at first I almost successfully imported well, but since I forgot to import one of the layers, I wanted to retry another import with all the layers, and overwriting the saved file previous "EGS file". But after trying to import the EGS file, i had the following message:
" (de_get_layer_name)
      No layer found       ".
Also, the layout of the other two artworks are not desplayable. And on the layers list it is written "layers unavailable". I've searched on the internet, but I didn't find any info about this. I've also tried many things, like removing the related EGS archive file of the third import, but nothing happened. I'm sure I'm missing to understand something that may be very simple, but I don't know what. 
Can you help me?

Thank you for your interest,

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