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Agilent34972 Simulation

Question asked by chan on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by tomc
Hi All,
I am developing a program for interfacing Agilent 34972 over LAN & perform temperature measurements using thermisters.
Until my company purchase the equipment, I try to use the simulator feature in the Agilent34970 IVI-COM Driver in VB.
Have installed the drivers & shared components, added the references to the relevant drivers &  enabled simulation [with simulation=true option] in driver init. as specified in docs.
Init Code Sequence is as follows:
Dim resourceDesc As String
  resourceDesc = "TCPIP0::"
' Setup IVI-defined initialization options
  Dim standardInitOptions As String
  standardInitOptions = "Cache=false, InterchangeCheck=false, QueryInstrStatus=true, RangeCheck=false, RecordCoercions=false, Simulate=true"
  ' Setup driver-specific initialization options
  Dim driverSetupOptions As String
  driverSetupOptions = "DriverSetup= Model=34972A, Trace=false"

  driver.Initialize resourceDesc, False, False, standardInitOptions + "," + driverSetupOptions
For a trial , I invoked the Thermistermeasure method which should output a double.  
However, when I get an error *"Type mismatch"* at the following sequence.

Dim measuredValue As Double
measuredValue = driver.Measure.ThermistorMeasure("103", Agilent34970Thermistor5000, Agilent34970MinMaxEnum.Agilent34970Def)
*Could anybody educate me the reason for the error.* 

PS. I am getting the simulated responses of the Instrument manuafacturer ID, firmware version etc with the following sequences.           
  Dim instFirmwareRevision As String
  instFirmwareRevision = driver.Identity.InstrumentFirmwareRevision
  Dim instManufacturer As String
  instManufacturer = driver.Identity.InstrumentManufacturer