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TRL* calibration

Question asked by peol1 on Nov 25, 2013

I am using a HP8753D VNA with TRL*. I will be measuring a circuit on PCB, so I have prepared a TRL cal kit on PCB. Some questions:

1.) I guess I will only need to measure one reflection type, like open or short? And using short would be preferred since it is better defined?
2.) Can the ref plane be selected to be either through or reflect in 87853D TRL*?
3.) Do I have to specify any delay for the through in the cal kit? I want the reference plane to be in the middle of the through (length 2L). The other standards (short, open, load) are placed at L. 
4.) Do I have to specify the delay for the line in the cal kit, or is it extracted during calibration?
5.) Do I set up the cal kit from scratch or can I modify a preloaded one?
6.) Any other concerns?