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Binary 1D Array Read - HardCopy Image from Scope

Question asked by nk1 on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2014 by arronlee
Hi All,
      I am trying to capture the image on scope in .BMP format over the GPIB, being an old scope (TDS 784A) it does not support IEEE488.2 format, all it sends out is a Binary data which has EOI at the end. Since I don't know the size of binary array, do I have a method to read all data in to some sort of buffer?

I tried using this command READ, BINARY, BYTE, ARRAY 1D, 38462 (length of array) and collected the data in TO FILE - myFile.BMP. Here I was successful in creating this image just because I knew the length of Arrary.  

I like to add that I tried using READ, BINBLOCK, BYTE, ARRAY, With END Byte (LF) and No End Byte since this was one of the method suggested in advanced programming IO in VEE. But I ran into time out error (Err no: 811)

I am a beginner in VEE, so can anyone of you help / suggest me on how to read binary array using VEE?

Thanks in advance

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