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50 Ohm Feedthrough for DSO-x2012a

Question asked by ranjan on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Fungible
Hi, I am using DSO - x2012a with peak detector for measuring pulse parameters. I am not getting desired rise time and fall time with peak detector. Pulsed RF has been generated through signal generator (internal pulse generator with pulse modulator), and it is directly fed into i/p of peak detector the output of the peak detector is directly connected to source 1 i/p (1 MOhm impedance) of DSO-x2012a. 

    I havn't used 50 ohm feedthrough. Should i use 50 ohm feedthrough to measure rise time & fall time ???  How do i select 50 Ohm feed through by taking below ranges??

   Operating Frequency : 1 GHz to 12 GHz
   Power Range : 20 dBm max (Peak Power) 
   Duty Cycle : 10 % max (for Average power) 

Kindly suggest me..


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