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When active feedback is connected,how to achieve biasing for two transistor

Question asked by nimbargi on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by adsproductmanager
       I have connected the one transistor is feedback to the other. How to achieve the biasing for two transistors Vds = 3V and Ids=60mA.
I have used the two ATF54143 transistors, and achieved the biasing at one transistor X2(shown in figure) Vds=3v (potential difference of 3 volts and Ids = 60mA). But I couldn't achieve the difference of voltage  of 3 volts at X1 transistor (shown in figure) at Vds and Ids =60 mA. I have connected the active feed back of connection transistor as I followed the example of Active_Feed_Example(it is shown in the figure). Can you anybody help me to achieve the Vds=3Volts and Ids=60mA at the two transistors.