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Question asked by bill.ossmann on Dec 10, 2002
- are you currently using MATLAB with VEE?

Yes. I have used multi-column signal processing, e.g. 1-D FFT of each column of a 2-D array; 3-D graphics and some 2-D; and a miscellany of other functions and constructions that VEE doesn't do nearly as easily, for example selecting array elements based
on a particular criterion.

- do you think that repackaging VEE as we describe above is a good idea?

I'll chime in with the others who have said "it depends." I've been a big fan of MATLAB since well before I started using VEE, so I was very familiar with the parts that I would find most useful. On the other hand, learning MATLAB in addition to VEE could
be rather daunitng for the uninitiated. You need to consider what was the motivation for incorporating MATLAB Script in the first place. If it was to take a load off of your software developers to get a lot of new signal processing capability, then I
think you need to enhance the connection rather than sever it; or else develop those features in VEE. If it was simply to provide an extra  (large) toolbox to complement VEE then I would say it's probably OK to unbundle it, but you have to be realistic
with the pricing.
Bill Ossmann
Philips Ultrasound

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