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N6784A - current limit in current priority mode using AgilentN67xxLib

Question asked by dawid on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by MattC

I'm new here. I'm currently working on preparing C# application with N6700. For channel where I have N6784 module I'd like to set current limit in the current priority mode. Below I put part of my code. Setting the positive voltage and negative voltage looks that works fine, but I can't set the current limit. I must add also that the voltage prority mode works fine. 

If somebody know how to set the current limit in current priority mode I will appreciate to let me know? If you want me to upload the whole visual studio project please let me know too. 

Here is my code:

        Agilent.AgilentN67xx.Interop.AgilentN67xx driver = null;

        IAgilentN67xxProtection2 protectionPtr_ch2;
        IAgilentN67xxMeasurement measurementPtr_ch2;
        IAgilentN67xxOutput5 outputPtr_ch2;  

        public void Init()
                driver.Initialize("GPIB0::7::INSTR";, true, true, "");

                outputPtr_ch2 = (IAgilentN67xxOutput5)driver.Outputs.get_Item(driver.Outputs.get_Name(2));
                protectionPtr_ch2 = driver.Protections.get_Item(driver.Protections.get_Name(2));
                measurementPtr_ch2 = driver.Measurements.get_Item(driver.Measurements.get_Name(2));

        public void PSU2_SetCurrentPrio(double dCurrent, double dVoltPos, double dVoltNeg)
                //Set Current Priority
                outputPtr_ch2.SourceRegulationMode = AgilentN67xxSourceRegulationEnum.AgilentN67xxSourceRegulationCurrent;
                outputPtr_ch2.CurrentLimit(dCurrent, dCurrent);  // <- I use this to set current limit but it looks that does't work ???
                outputPtr_ch2.NegComplicanceVoltage = dVoltNeg;
                outputPtr_ch2.PosComplianceVoltage = dVoltPos;

        public void PSU2_SetVoltagePrio(double dVoltage, double dCurrPos, double dCurrNeg) // That one looks that works fine
                //Set Voltage Priority
                outputPtr_ch2.SourceRegulationMode = AgilentN67xxSourceRegulationEnum.AgilentN67xxSourceRegulationVoltage;
                outputPtr_ch2.NegComplianceCurrent = dCurrNeg;
                outputPtr_ch2.PosComplianceCurrent = dCurrPos;

                outputPtr_ch2.VoltageLevel(dVoltage, dVoltage);