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Number of data points in trace

Question asked by tachy0n on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2014 by bhokkan
I am using the E5071c and I am trying to obtain S-parameter measurements. I set the number of sweep points to 200 using "SENS:SWE:POIN 200" and do "CALC:PAR:DEF S21" to do the S21 measurement. Then I read the data using "CALC1:DATA:FDATA?". I am using python sockets to get the stream. The problem I have is that the data array I get "socket.recv(1024)" using a while loop has only around 20 data points. Not 200. I have tried changing the number of data points and I still get around 18-20 data points in my array. I tried plotting the array and comparing it to the VNA display and it seems like a very approximate plot. The data I get back does not have enough data points. Any solutions? 

Thank you