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WLAN 6dB down measurement

Question asked by SorenBove on Mar 11, 2014
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Hi Forum

I’m making an automatic measurement setup so I can with ease measure all the Type approval WLAN measurement in 1 go.
99% stuff is working but only missing the underneath -6dBm emission bandwidth measurement where I’m unable to set the markers correct.

The setup is that after a peak search the system should measure -6dBm from peak on left and right side of the WLAN signal skirts.
But the problem is that I can only get the markers to refer to the drop in the middle of the WIFI signal and not the outer skirts.
In the reference manual it stated the “N dB down function” seems not valid for this as the attached picture also shows.
My Idea is to set a marker on both side of the center NTP drop and then with some marker function, search left or right -6dB.

Any good Ideas on how to do the measurement ?

Spectrum analyzer I’m using is a EXA N9010A

BR Soeren

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