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DLL on local drive, file.vee on server

Question asked by ERAHEGE on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by ERAHEGE
I want to have my VEE files on a server, so I can run them from multiple machines without having to copy them. 

My program uses a DLL file for a device driver for a hardware interface. I tell VEE where the DLL file is, with the menu items
Device --> .NET Assembly Reference and Device --> Import .NET Namespaces. 

The DLL file is on the local disk. Somewhere along the way, the DLL file is copied to the remote directory on the server, where the *.vee file is located. And then the program doesn't work. I get error 760:
".NET type could not be found or loaded". 

If the DLL and the VEE file are both in the same directory on local disk, the program works fine.

How can I run the program with the *.vee files on a server?