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Problem with xhost, cannot take control of unix system remotely (UX 5.0pd)

Question asked by Lee.D on Jul 8, 2013
I am trying to provide assistance to a customer of ours who is using an older version of the unix controller (UX 5.0pd) and we are attempting to setup x-win32 from Starnet so we can take control of the unix system from the customer's PC. We have never had a problem doing this before, but something is different here. We have made sure that access control is disabled on the unix system using the xhost commands, and have tried every possible configuration on x-win32 but it never allows us to login. It will show the unix system in the hosts list when we start x-win32, and show the number of users logged in, load, etc. but when we select the host it never transitions to the 3070 login screen. Does anyone have any experience with this?