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command for subdirectories of PNA-X

Question asked by ridvan on May 9, 2013

it is possible to file transfer from PNA to PC using MMEM:TRAN command . but it requires the directory name of files. so it is not useful, because when we transfer any data from PNA, we have to change the directory names of files from our VEE interface.

If I can get subdirectories name of files in PNA over GPIB, it will be easy for me to get files. Using MMEM:CAT? command I can get file name in any directories. but I need subdirectory names. for example the beginning point is C:/, I will write a command (up to now I have not found) shows me all directories in C:/.  In this way I can reach the last directory and I can see which files included in this directory.

In short, is there any way that I can get all subdirectories name of any directory over GPIB.