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Measurements of planar capacitor characteristics

Question asked by motoman89 on Oct 8, 2013
We are faced with the problem of distortion of a meander in the input circuit of the DUT. Presumably the problem is to change the characteristics of the planar capacitor input circuit, made using thin film technology. For defect detection, we used a probe station EP6 ( Tsastsade Microtech) analyzer and E8361S, but we found no significant differences in the passband of the defective capacitor and fit. The electrodes of the DUT does not allow us to use a high-frequency probes, so we use a needle. Is there a standard method of measuring the characteristics of thin-film capacitor? How to calibrate the analyzer using this connection method? How to change the connection? What probes to use? Are there other methods of evaluation of the characteristics of capacitors without the use of a network analyzer?