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85097B and 8121-1047 Issue

Question asked by DavidC on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by jeffc
Our Ecal isn't communicating anymore with our 8720s, the power lights turn on when plugged in thru the 85097B. But 8720 doesn't recognize ecal modules are connected. Had reports of the cable it self the 8121-1047 having issues that tech had to wriggle/straighten to make it work, also noted on the ecal module it self the 36 pin connector was dented/banged up around I believe Pin 1 and 2 but most of the damage seems to be the outer shell of the connector around those pins, and the pins themselves seem not to be interfered with.

Any information on the pin out/wiring of the 8121-1047 cable would be greatly appreciated, are they essentially a IEEE-1284A to IEEE1284C cable?, so something like would be a suitable replacement?