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How to use the action "DisplayExceptions"?

Question asked by Ever on Apr 29, 2014
i created a testplan with four tests which are all part of the TestExec 7.1.6-installation.
1. echoInt32
2. RaiseException
3. DisplayExceptions
4. echoInt32

I only have problems with the action "DisplayException". The help says: 
ACTION TYPE: A debug action that will display the current exceptions.  
USAGE: May be used in conjunction with the action RaiseException to experiment with exception handling.
NOTES: Note that displaying the exceptions will also clear them.  

The problem is that after RaiseException the testplan stops and does not execute DisplayExceptions.
Also if i copy the action into the same test or into the ExceptionSequence.

Question is: How do i use the action DisplayException to catch all exceptions that occur in the testplan?

Thanks for help

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