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Facing problems using Mbaxp (Modbus ActiveX control) in Vee

Question asked by agipro on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by agipro

We have recently purchased a Modbus ActiveX control for developing tester SW which will need to interface modbus client in VEE pro SW.
As a fact, Vee Pro support ActiveX. I manage to connect to COM port, set baudrates, data bits, parity etc but whenever I try to
execute read (mbaxp.ReadHoldingRegisters) I will not see any communication in serial line (RS485 A/B). Debugged with an oscilloscope. I will get not get any error codes retrieved by mbaxp when executing commands.
On the other hand, I have tried the example programs delivered with the Modbus Active
sw package and found that the example using Excel is working. I have copy pasted the same commands, same command order than in Excel example, but no luck in VEE.
So the problem seems to be in Agilent side. My question is that, does anyone had similar problems or am I missing something in my VEE Sw? Are there any other solutions
to interface modbus client using some other activeX controls than mbaxp from Modbus Tools?
Thanks for possible answers!