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Are "Precision" cal kits (85050C and 85052C) a waste if no 4th receiver?

Question asked by drkirkby on Mar 30, 2014
I have an 8720D and both an 85050B (standard) and 85050C (precision) cal kits 7mm/APC7 cal kits. 

I bought the 85050C just because I wanted the connector gage from it, as my 85050B has no connector gage. I'm wondering if there is any point in keeping the 85050C given I don't have a 4th receiver (option 400) on my 8720D. 

Any comments about the usefulness (or not) of the TRL "precision" cal kits on a VNA with 3 receivers? My VNA supports TRL*, but I wonder if I might just as well use the 85050B, and sell the rest of the 85050C.