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General questions regarding FOM, external device

Question asked by need2learn on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by Dr_joel

I have a few questions regarding few questions.

1. What is the maximum range for spectrum measurements? (FOM)
I'm trying to see if i can get rid of spectrum analyzer for the new test set with PNA-X. currently we use spectrum analyzer for spurious noise measurement over 2 Ghz range. (typically 10Ghz to 12 Ghz) I know this is very wide range for PNA-X spectrum to be accurate, but if I can separate this to several shorter frequency range what would be the maximum range that could yield accurate data.

2. Currently I'm using DAQ (34970A) to measure DC and plot it on PNA-X while PNA-X drives amplifier.
What is the time delay between S21 and DC measurement from DAQ if there's any? or is it synchronized?

Thank you in advance.