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N9340B spe file format information needed

Question asked by joemcc on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by joemcc
Does anyone know where I could find information on the spectrogram binary file format for this analyser? I know you can export an spe file to csv format using the PC software (conversion is *very* slow though). I've tried this & written a labview vi which produces the following arrays. an array of timestamps (one for each frame), an array of relative times (one for each frame), an array of amplitudes (460 for each frame).

This ends up being very slow to read & process 1500 frame files. I parsed the csv file looking for specific strings to extract the amplitudes as I felt I should not rely on them being at a particular location in the file. I have a feeling that the binary files will allow the use of array indexing which would be much faster, but can find no info in the file structure.

Any help appreciated.



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