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vrf example Manual06.vee

Question asked by rsb on Nov 27, 2002
If I run this example as a standalone program it runs just fine.  I copied
it into my program as a function and when I ran it , it gave me a error.
"Illegal use of junctions inside feedback cycles error 940"  Why ?
Thanks in advance,


Most likely when you created the UF you inadvertantly created
a feedback look with correct junction placement.

I placed the entire example you sent into a UF and it works fine
for me. I expect that you grabbed just part of the program
and "wrapped" it as a UF- and that's where the problem was created.

If you would please post the UF that you created, someone here
can most likely point out the problem.



Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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