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Transitioning from 53132A to 53220A

Question asked by orko on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by orko
We are having overhead issues with the new 53220A counter that need to be resolved. Looking at the attached driver project, I've attached the old and new driver (LV2011).

Looking at the 5322x driver, you will see in the Open and Read that there are disable structures around the old code where we have attempted to replicate the same reads with the new counter. With the new code as is, we are seeing a delay that was not there previously.

The way we were doing it before, we initialized and ran the counter continuously, and read a fixed time of counts with the Read I'm trying to replicate this with the new driver.

Can someone please look this over and see if this is the correct way to initialize the counter to read continuously in totalizing mode (with fixed arm time)? What may we do to regain our overall performance?