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PNA-X IM Spectrum for converters with LO from internal source?

Question asked by rok on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by daras

I have a PNA-X N5244A with A.09.90.05 firmware. I'm trying to setup a spurious measurement, with the LO supplied by one of the internal PNA-X sources. I am trying to use the IM Spectrum for Converters for that purpose. I only need to use a single source for the stimulus, so I set the 'Delta F' to 0Hz and I flip the Port 3 Bypass Switch from 'Combiner Path' to 'Thru Path'. However, under the 'IMX spectrum Setup', under the 'Mixer Setup' tab, when I try to choose for the 'LO1' choice from the pulldown either Port 3 or Port 4, I get 'ERROR: RF Source and LO source cannot be the same.' error message. (see attached) I try experimenting with the 'Path Configuration' dialog by setting all the Bypass switches to 'Thru' state, but still cannot get the LO to be supplied by 1 of the 2 internal sources. 

If someone can kindly let me know if it is possible for this measurement class to use the internal source to serve as the LO or not. If it is possible, what are the steps to make that happen.