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vrf memory_eater

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 27, 2002
Hello fellow VEE users,
                       Sometime ago I saw a posting by Friedrich Vllink
with a function "realtobyte" which seems to be eating memory.  I looked at
this more closely this morning, checked if the error pins were being pinged
( they aren't ) and replaced the concatenator with a formula ( I thought I
saw a discussion saying this may be the culprit ): neither of these fixed
the memory loss.

I can certainly confirm that I see memory being used but I do not know the
guilty VEE object or set of VEE objects.  Has anyone defined the problem
such that they can replicate it and fix it?


Mike Watts


  Michael Watts, Consultant                                 PO Box 92
  on the web: www.PreciselySo.Co.UK                      Exeter,Devon
  e-mail: MJWC@PreciselySo.Co.UK                              England     
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