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Verify Agilent Cal KIT 85032F OPEN

Question asked by stanleysg on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by drkirkby
hi all,

i have made plenty of study of how to determine four C/L in the polynomial for the OPEN/SHORT cal kit however, i  couldn't really find a method how to use the network analyzer to determine them, or verify the value.

First, i have browsed through a couple of threads here talking about this topic but i couldn't get the answer, as well as agilent application note and i even got the handbook of microwave component measurements which partially helping me.

Assuming i have the agilent cal kit 85032F and i would like to verify the C value, for my open cal kit, here would be my step
1) calibrate the PNA/ENA ( assuming they comes in N type connector )
2) Connect the open connector directly to the PNA port, and choose S11, or S22.
3) turn to smith chart, and from here how would i determine the 4 C value?

i am looking at the handbook page 560, which they shows a couple of frequency response open/short, in tme domain / freq domain and time gating function. May i know what's the correct procedure to determine it? do i need any mathematical software to help me?

thanks for your assistance.