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Loads and the calibration plane

Question asked by karinfl001 on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Dr_joel
I have a question for the assembled mass of experts here.  I've been playing around with making my own calibration standards by using Ansoft Designer and comparing simulation results with actual physical measurement.  First of let me acknowledge that yes I know Ansoft Designer is not a true 3D simulator.  I've managed to construct what I believe to be a good SHORT and OPEN for SMA connectors that get me in the ball park with regard to phase tracking.  The tricky part now is building a good broadband load usable out to at least 3 GHz.  The load I have is pretty good out to 1.5 GHZ but its return loss takes off beyond that frequency.  By the way this is for SMA female.  The 85046A test set has an APC7 to SMA male on it.  Now the question, I'm contemplating on purchasing a 3.5mm Male Load from the evil empire, and am wondering what the effect of this load with an added 3.5mm female barrel would be.  So as I understand it the calibration plane for the SHORT and OPEN would be right at the APC7 to SMA adapter, but the calibration plane for the load would be extended out a few millimeters depending on the adapter used.  How would one compensate in the cal kit definitions to accommodate this crazy cal situation.  Just to put this into perspective, right now I can't afford to spend the dollars for a real cal kit even those being sold on the evil empire.  Plus who knows what you will receive.  I don't need traceabilty for my desired application.  Any insight would be welcomed.