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Loading new segment table turns off calibration

Question asked by Vyrl on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by johanericsson
I am using an N5242A and have been running firmware version A.09.42.12. I recently updated firmware to the latest. I have some automated software that sets up a segment table and does an enhanced response cal. After the cal I use the SENS:SEGM:LIST SSTOP command to load new segment tables to sweep a number of parameters. I always load the first segment the same as it was setup for the calibration, and turn that segment off. After upgrading to the latest firmware, I get a message stating that parameters are outside of what was calibrated and the cal gets turned off. I checked the help docs for both versions of firmware and the commands for the segment table haven't changed, but I can't seem to load a new segment table that the PNA is happy with now.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.