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How can I remove the front panel overlay from an 8720D?

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2014 by iceman

I have an 8720D and would like to add direct sampler access (option 012), which adds a couple of jumpers to the front panel. Agilent have declined to upgrade this for me, but can supply most of the 2.4 mm to SMA cables needed, along with the front panel overlay (part 08720-80042). So I could do a decent job of this. 

I would need to remove the old overlay which I have circled in green. Does anyone know these are removed? I don't care if I damage the overlay removing it, since I will have a replacement from Agilent with 4 extra holes in it, but I don't want to wreck the rest of the VNA in the process. Some have suggested heat *might* work, others to *try* chemicals X, Y and Z, but if anyone knows how they would be removed by HP/Agilent, I would like to know. 

See pictures attached of my VNA, and the replacement front panel overlay which I took from


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