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53230A VERY long term period measurement

Question asked by daveho on Mar 25, 2014
I need to make successive 7200 second (2 hour) period measurement and I want them to be gapless. I have an old Fluke that is able to make this measurement BUT it is not gapless. So it takes (gates) every other measure.

The new Agilent 53230A boasts gapless but so far I'm still limited and it seems to time out.

I've set:

1. I set timeout to infinity
2. Configured to "Timestamp" to allow gapless measures
3. Running datalogger so each timestamp gets logged to my USB flash drive when test is complete

This works great for short term measures (10 second) but when I change the input for long intervals (i.e. 100 seconds) it doesn't run or stalls.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!