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EXA 9010A vs MXA 9020A ...

Question asked by debugasm on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by tabbott

In my laboratory I have two XA-Series spectrum analyzer.

- EXA 9010A 10Hz - 32GHz (13.12 firmware)
- MXA 9020A 20Hz - 8.4GHz (13.15 firmware)

I'm make a program that download I / Q signals from these analyzers and I have two problems:

*First problem*

EXA I/Q settings:


MXA I/Q settings:


The MXA spectrum analyzer do not have "Sample Rate" settings, that I use. I was wondering why ?!?!?

*Second problem*

If I download a I/Q data vector (with command READ:WAV0?), the sequence of I/Q raw byte are perfect using TCP/IP connection on port 5025, but if I use Telnet mode on 5023 port I have some problem with data. What is that wrong ?

Thanks very much.