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U8903A Audio Analyzer - Step Size firmware change.

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2014
Our bench techs are having issues with the "step size" function added two new Audio Analyzers that we just rented.   

Our first U8903A is running firmware version, and does not contain this function.    Our Techs can just select the place value on the signal characteristic they wish to adjust, then use the dial to tweak-in Frequency, Amplitude, or whatever they're adjusting.

On our two new rentals, they are running firmware version    There is now a "Step Size" added to the the ARB soft menus.     We were able to adjust the Amplitude to their preferred step size (1.0mV), but the Frequency will only adjust to a minimum step size of 5Hz.    

Is this operating as intended, or is there an issue with this function that needs to be resolved?    We have several test points that require them to dial-in to specific frequencies that are not divisible by 5Hz...and it's an absolute pain to manually key-in 0.1Hz changes in frequency.