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8753A response correction lost after the turn-off

Question asked by imett on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Dr_joel
Hi, i've an hold 8753a with its 85046a but the 4 cable aren't original, i've used a short RG223 instead.
The network works well but the response are not soo flat, for example for the S11 measure (dB) at low frequency the measure is quite 0dB but at 3GHz is about -1.5dB. No problem, with the calibration (SOL with 85032 kit) the response became flat.
When i turn off the instrument everthing going back and any time i've to connect the calibration kit.
There is a way to store this calibration like a cable compensation or correction? I need a particular software o correction tool? 
I read the service/user/on site manual but nothing about this problem.I'm wondering about that the manuals doesn't talk about a real instrument calibration/correction, i think that is normal have same components (directive coupler, cable, connector..)
with small difference.

thanks in advance.