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Agilent 33520B

Question asked by guusstofferis on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by guusstofferis
Just bought a new waveform generator 33520B. I try to generate a 1 kHz sinus on channel 1, in burst mode, using the external trigger input. The very first trigger works fine. The instrument outputs the burst (eg. 1000 cycles). However, after the burst, the instrument turns the external trigger inputs automaticaly to an output, making new triggers imposible. the same happens in the gated mode. I cannot find a clear explanation in the manual, since the text at trigger input and trigger output conflicts to my opinion. What to do? I defnitily need external triggered signals for my test rig with a hydrosounder.

Thanks, Guus Stofferis, MARIN, the Netherands