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Ability to vary bandwidth in loadpull measurements

Question asked by jgbiii on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by aehoward
I have been trying to do loadpull simulations in 2009 ADS with the PtRF_CDMA2K_REV signal and vary the chip rate in order to get a varied bandwidth in simulation and view the effects on its PAE (power added efficiency) and ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio) contours.  My setup is in the first picture below where I have my CDMA signal generator going through my system.  In the secound picture I have my simulated results with my design where the PAE and ACPR contours can be viewed for the signal at a frequency of 825 MHz.   What I am trying to do is someway vary the bandwidth of the CDMA signal so that I can view the effects of a different bandwidths on both PAE and ACPR.  Is there anyway this would be possible?  
Thank you.