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Calibration EEPROM Data

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Apr 7, 2014
Dear Sir:

     I own a 8753C network analyzer and I would like to obtain the calibration EEPROM data that is stored on my unit.   This data is utilized for calibration verification purposes.

(Note:  The type of data that I am referring to is not the same calibration data as the data that the NA stores for a NA  measurement - this data is erased when you turn the unit off.  The calibration data that I am referring to, is calibration "verification" data that is permanently stored in the unit's long term memory and is particular to each unit).

     I would like to know if I can obtain this data programmatically using a GPIB-IEEE488 interface?

     I have never seen a sample program published by HP/Agilent that would show the user how to do this.  If this is possible, can someone link me to some sample code that will enable me to obtain this data?

    If this information is not possible to obtain via the GPIB-IEEE488 interface, I was considering purchasing the HP 9122C disk drive.

    This disk drive is difficult to obtain at a reasonable price.  However, I did see an advertisement for HP9122D.

     My question is:
    If I purchased the HP 9122D, can I obtain connectivity with the 8753C that will enable me to transfer the calibration EEPROM data onto disk?

    Thank you for your past replies.

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