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Was there a 4-port test set for 8720D ???

Question asked by drkirkby on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by jvall
Is there any way to extend my 8720D to 4-ports? Just to a a few GHz would be fine. I believe I see an 8720D on eBay with an external 4-port test set. 

If it is possible to stick on an external test set, what access would one need to the RF internals of the 8720D ??? I only have options 010 (TDR) and 1D5 (high stability time base), and nothing else that brings out any other connectors, other than the R channel which is looped in and out on the front panel. 

I would prefer to home-brew something like this, as even used commercial kit for this sort of thing is going to cost a fortune. 

I've got an old HP GPIB to relay controller here. It has no CPU, but just uses the GPIB as a parallel port to drive the relays. I could easily hack something similar up to do the switching. 

Is there any software around that can do the calibration and number crunching, or would I have to write everything from scratch? 

I'm just looking for ideas. If it looks feasible, I will start searching eBay for the required components.