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53131A GPIB very low throughput

Question asked by flenett on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by plmntt
Hello all, 

I'm currently fighting with a 53131a trying to read frequency measurement triggered by an external square signal (100Hz) and with Gating/Triggering parameters set on :
•     Start : external
•     Slope : Pos
•     Stop : Time 
•     Time : 5ms
The aim of that is to measure a frequency modulated signal with a carrier of 600kHz and a modulator with a bandwidth of 0-50Hz (That’s why I need to sample at 100Hz if )

The datasheet indicates that the appliance can support up to 200 meas / sec but I have tried several approaches and none were successful to support 100Hz Throughput: 
•     RS232 printing feature: no more than 10 meas /sec and no handshaking
•     GPIB + Labview Plug and Play drivers : no more than 2 meas /sec 
•     GPIB + Intuilink software : There is a software limitation at 10 meas / sec and no external triggering

I was expecting some performance improvement moving from RS232 to a low latency bus such as GPIB and whereas GPIB is slowing down the counter …

At this point, I ran out of idea of what is limiting the throughput and which direction to investigate to find the problem.

Does anybody have an idea to improve datarate?