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34970A event under bldlPro

Question asked by rl on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by rl
HP34970A running simple scans, trying to confirm basic function under bldlPro through the serial port link. Logging works much as it did under bldl3.

Having trouble configuring the new 'event' feature, however.

For example, just setting the 34970A to 'beep' at the start of a configuration, or at the end of a configuration (manually started or stopped) from dlblPro GUI does not produce a 'beep'. 

The 34970A does 'beep' under hardware faults, such as removal of interconnection cartridge during a scan - generating a hardware incompatibility fault, so the hardware works.

If bldlPro won't do something simple like this, how will more complicated configurations with multiple scans be produced?

Is there some firmware requirement for HP34970A to work with Benchlink  Datalogger Pro?

Am running the evaluation version, simply to see if the event handling function makes this package worth the purchase price. No joy from it to date in handling the 34901A and 34907A interfaces for ANY event handling. Nice state machine drawings, but no function.