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BenchLink Datta Logger 3 - fast acquisition

Question asked by gryko on Nov 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by rob.macdonald

I just installed Agilent BenchLink Data Logger 3  and Agilent libraries on my Intel Pentium PC (CPU 3.40 GHz + 4 GB memory,
running 64 bit Windows 7).   The installation was perfect and I attempted to acquire DC voltage (5.5 digits, +- 10 V range on one channel)
from my 349076A data logger via RS232.    When I set time delay between acquisitions for 500 ms, everything was fine, but at shorter
delay times (50 ms), the PC hangs up, using 100% CPU and over 90% memory.  

I had no problem acquiring the same data every 50 ms using old Windows NT computer (32 bit, 128 Mb memory) and 
BenchLink Data Logger version 1.4.   Any suggestion how to use new version to acquire data with very short delay time?  
Maybe Data Logger version 3 runs correctly in 32 bit mode, so I need to install 32 bit version of Windows 7?

Than you,
Jan Gryko