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Issues when send mutiple bytes by BT-basic RS232 command

Question asked by leo on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2013 by fritz001
I am going to send out 8 bytes hex to DUT by BT-Basic RS232 command. The RS232 Setting is as following:

  control @RS232, 1;oti("0")
  control @RS232, 2;oti("20")  
  control @RS232, 3;oti("476 ")     !19200,Even,8,1

send by command as following:

output @RS232 ,,Err using "b,#" ;hti("01"),hti("03"),hti("06"), hti("66"),hti("00"),hti("02"),hti("24"),hti("9C")

I expected to send out bytes one by one and no delay between bytes, But actually between every bytes there are about 8ms delay, it means 8ms between last bytes stop bit and next bytes start bit.

When I used windowns RS232 tool to send ,no delay found. Unfortunately the DUT can not accept the delay between bytes, it response to windows tool's sending bytes but no response to bt-basic sending bytes.

Who knows what setting may cause this delay?  How can I send out without the delay between bytes.