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Question asked by mojedy on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by algoss

I measured some data (delay between two output signal) with agilent MSO7104A  Oscilloscope .

I save the result on USB( to csv file), and now I want to analyse them. when I open the saved file, I saw the second, are negative!! how it can happen .. can anyone help me how I can show the data : Here is some of the data :

          x.axis              X1              X3
1         second            Volt            Volt
2    -500.00E-06   -18.75000E-03        +0.0E+00
3    -499.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
4    -498.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
5    -497.00E-06   -18.75000E-03   +31.25000E-03
6    -496.00E-06   +43.75000E-03        +0.0E+00
7    -495.00E-06   -18.75000E-03        +0.0E+00
8    -494.00E-06   +12.50000E-03        +0.0E+00
9    -493.00E-06   +12.50000E-03        +0.0E+00
10   -492.00E-06   +12.50000E-03        -0.0E+00
11   -491.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
12   -490.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   +31.25000E-03
13   -489.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
14   -488.00E-06   -18.75000E-03   +31.25000E-03
15   -487.00E-06   -18.75000E-03        -0.0E+00
16   -486.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
17   -485.00E-06   -18.75000E-03   +31.25000E-03
18   -484.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
19   -483.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   +31.25000E-03
20   -482.00E-06   +12.50000E-03   -31.25000E-03
21   -481.00E-06   +43.75000E-03        +0.0E+00