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Benchlink 1.4 issues

Question asked by jerry003 on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by w0dz

i don't know were else to post this so i do it here.
I have a few questions about the Benchlink software.
In our lab we still use Benchlink 1.4 in favorite of Benchlink-3 4.3.
Why, because it is better readable, the lines are sharper, the time markers work better and another few things. I also encounter problems with the new software and our Agilent 34970A devices in combination with USB2RS232 interfaces.
It still works good in Windows 7.
The latest Benchlink doesn't work well with the time markers, every time you click a marker you have to adjust it again to the elapsed time you need(frustrating). In Benchlink 1.4 you can set it once and then just simply click all the channels to check and the markers stay on the time position set.
The new Benchlink may have some advantages but, but even alone on the marker issue, we are not going to use the new Benchlink, unless the software will have exactly the same possibilities as Benchlink 1.4. We see the new version more as a step back.
The biggest issue now is, we can't install Benchlink 1.4 (from original cd) on windows 8 (even not in compatibilty mode), alltough it does work on Windows 7 very well.

Does anyone have a fix for this, so we are able to install it on Windows 8? if not then we will have to put Windows 7 back on it.

Thanks for your help!

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