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HP33120A Improper waveform output when controlling remotely

Question asked by akello on Apr 6, 2014

I'm a first time poster so please bear with me. 

I am using an HP (Agilent) 33120A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator to generate a single pulse (burst) ramp on demand. I had no problem doing so manually off the front panel so I moved into LabVIEW communicating with the device via a USB to GPIB cable using SCPI commands. 

Some of the commands I sent; frequency, shape, amplitude, offset, went through without issue but those relating to the burst were giving me problems. The output on the oscilloscope did not match what I got when I triggered manually so thought the issue might be how I am doing my EOL in LabVIEW. I spoke with Agilent and the rep used my SCPI commands in VEE getting the intended output. Trying to isolate whether LabVIEW was the source of the error, I downloaded a VEE trial but saw the same problem on the scope. 

The rep suggested it might be a firmware issue which will be a problem since the device is no longer supported. My questions are whether or not anyone has had a similar problem and, if this is a firmware issue, how the device can give the proper output when being controlled off the front panel?

Hope to hear from you, 
Yusif Nurizade

P.S. Attached are snapshots of my commands in VEE, the waveform I should be getting (yellow) and the waveform I am getting (green).