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Can we have ADS 2009 and ADS 2011 in a single Operating System Windows 7

Question asked by on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by sdgrant
Dear Sir,
            I have installed ADS2009 in the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system, and am working in the environment of  ADS2009. Now I want to install the ADS 2011, don't want to uninstall the ADS2009. I want to install ADS2011 in the same Windows 7 Ultimate environment.Is it possible to install ADS 2009 and ADS2011 in the same operating system Windows 7 ultimate and  can we use both ADS2009 and ADS2011 and work. But I don't want to update  ADS2009 to 2011, and retain ADS2009 along with ADS2011,  Can you advice me.